Sunbulah sets the standard for global honey production

Sunbulah Group, a Saudi Arabian manufacturer of food products, is setting the standard for the production of honey varietals from the finest international sources, ensuring that honey is authentically sourced and tested for adulteration. During a recent media roundtable, the group’s honey business unit demonstrated the methodology for sourcing and processing authentic, all-natural honey free from adulteration.

During the meeting, Karim Moussa, general manager of the honey business unit at Sunbulah Group, explained that the group has worked for more than 30 years to establish global best practices in honey production and provide a variety of natural honey from the finest sources. He said the focus is on sourcing honey in its purest form just as it was produced in nature. The company distributes honey products in more than 50 markets around the world.

Moussa highlighted that Sunbulah Group’s honey business unit is currently producing two brands. The premium brand, Al-Shifa honey, is SASO-certified and is carefully collected from flowers that grow in tropical forests in South America, Australia and Northern Europe. The value brand, Sary honey, is collected from the best apiaries in the world that also meet SASO quality requirements, while offering a more modest price point for consumers.

Samer Kurdi, chairman of the board of directors at Sunbulah Group, said: “Honey consumption in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during 2020 was approximately 320 grams per person, more than double the average consumption of honey worldwide. However, honey is one of the most adulterated products in the world — local studies in the Saudi market show that the Kingdom is no exception and struggles with adulterated honey regularly as evidenced by reports that tested various honey samples sourced from the Saudi honey market.”

“Sunbulah Group’s honey business unit works tirelessly to ensure the quality of our products by conducting a series of tests in the best laboratories of the world. We are proud that our honey business unit represents one of the largest honey companies in the world. I urge consumers and honey connoisseurs alike in the Saudi community to strive to always ensure that the honey they consume is SASO-certified and always 100 percent authentic,” he added.

Sunbulah Group’s honey business unit is focused on preparing honey varietals for final consumption, ensuring that its suppliers and processing preserves nutrients and health benefits made in nature, which are presented to the consumer without any additives.

The group, which has been in operation for 40 years, specializes in the manufacturing of multiple food categories.

Source: Arab News