Al-Shifa was founded in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1983. It was a small company with a great pioneering spirit that reflected on the quality of its products and distinguished service. Over the years, ALSHIFA reaped the efforts it made, it grew and became a synonym name for honey in Saudi Arabia, and competed for its leading position in the field of honey in the Middle East, also, its presence extended over five continents in forty countries and became among the top ten honey brands in the world. ALSHIFA acquainted different families for a long time, and was present on their occasions daily lives.

ALSHIFA is the first honey brand in Saudi Arabia to obtain the quality mark from Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization (SASO), and continued to meet global standards and regulations such as the regulations such as FDA, Saudi Food & Drug Authority, BADAN POM, European Food Safety Authority, GCC Standard Organization, CFIA, and many others which helped to obtain international certificates such as Halal, ISO 22000, ECAS, DAS, ISO 9001:2015, MODON, SASO, FSSC 22000 etc.

ALSHIFA honey is produced only to satisfy the customer, and all of our customers are equally important.

Made in nature



Alshifa honey journey

Quality is our top priority, and that’s our motto. Quality assurance is the basis of our work, and a part we maintain in every stage of the production process. Starting from monitoring bee health to testing the honey quality in specialized international labs, to filtration and clearing, and finally packing it without human intervention to ensure its purity and excellence. And to ensure that it arrives as it was in nature, we make sure that there are no additions to the container, and stick to just heating filtration and filling. All this to guarantee a high-quality product that will satisfy and match our consumers’ expectations.

When ALSHIFA honey finally reaches the factories, it will be packed in specially developed containers made to preserve its quality before the filling stage. To further preserve the fresh flavor and proven benefits, make sure to store it in a cool place, protected from sunlight, and close the container tightly.

Auditing and testing processes are carried out before distribution to customers, to ensure the best for our customers. The sources of honey and honey itself are subject to the strictest standards from around the world, where our European partners verify its purity and ensure that it is natural by testing it in certified laboratories with the latest equipment specially developed to verify the quality of honey and produce it at the highest levels of quality and purity. ALSHIFA honey is certified from SASO and other international certifications such as Halal, ISO 22000, ECAS, DAS, ISO 9001:2015, MODON, SASO, FSSC 22000 etc

Finally, the honey arrives to you in its purest form, just as it was in nature, so that you and your family can nourish from it. ALSHIFA guarantees that the product preserves its sweetness and richness during the journey from the origins to the factories.